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The Dark Side of the Content Revolution

A few years ago, an excellent article appeared in a major industry publication that one of our clients advertises in regularly. The article not only mentioned our client’s flagship product but it did so favorably, even comparing it positively to competitive products. Grateful for the positive coverage and the high quality of the article, we […]

Manage Your Marketing: Planning for the Future

In April 2012 I had the opportunity to attend a social media conference called Social Slam, which was held in Knoxville, Tennessee. One advantage of attending this conference is that I was able to attend a talk by Mitch Joel, a well-known agency man hailing from Montreal who has authored two critically acclaimed books, Six […]

#FiveTipsFriday Promoting Your Company Online

There is a lot of cautionary advice in the online world for companies looking to increase sales via social media marketing. Companies are advised that social media and content marketing are “non-transactional” means of marketing. In other words, your tweets, your Facebook updates, and your blog posts should not directly attempt to sell your products […]

Marketing Measurement and the Culture of Finger-Pointing

Recently we came upon an article in BtoBOnline. It was the title that caught our eye. “Study: 78% of CEOs say ad agencies not performance-driven enough.” We take performance seriously here at Clayman Marketing because, after all, if you can’t prove to clients that what you are doing is working, what incentive do they have […]

Manage Your Marketing: Hiring For Your Culture

Last Monday, we talked about the importance of creating your culture. Once you have established who your company really is, the next important step is to weave new employees successfully into that culture. As with so many things, however, this is easier said than done, at least when you are first getting started. How can […]

#FiveTipsFriday Setting Objectives

Quite often here on our blog, we talk about the importance of setting objectives. Before you understake any marketing campaign, we say while wagging our blog finger, make sure you as a company set your objectives. What if setting objectives is hard for your company, however? Many companies get so entangled in the details that […]

Does Good Writing Still Matter?

For the last two years or so, all of the rage in the world of social media marketing has been “content marketing.” Grouped under this umbrella are marketing tactics including blog posts, webinars, white papers, and more. The idea is that if you create content that is really interesting and really useful, you won’t have […]