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Our Blog Direction for 2013

Today, on this last day of 2012, we thought we would give you a quick preview of what this blog will look like (generally speaking) moving into 2013. We are excited to tell you that we have mapped out the entire year in terms of posts, and we are going to make every effort to […]

Twenty Great Muses for a Marketing Blog

As we talk to our clients about blogging, one of the points we try to drive home is that your blog content does not always have to be newly minted content you came up with internally. Often times, there are other stories relevant to your industry that can inspire you to write on timely subjects. […]

Our Ten Recommended Business Book Gifts, 2012

For those of you who celebrate, we are officially just 8 days away from Christmas. For a lot of people, that means it’s really sinking in how many presents you want to give and how little time you have to gather everything! Well, we thought we’d help make your job a little easier. If there’s […]

How to start your corporate blog

Earlier this week we talked about getting your e-newsletter started. Maybe instead you are thinking about starting a blog. In a lot of ways, beginning a blog can seem more intimidating than an e-newsletter. Emailing has been around for awhile now and the general concept may seem like second nature to you now. Blogging may […]

How to analyze the effectiveness of your print advertising campaign

One thing we hear a lot of in our corner of the business world these days is that print advertising is like throwing your money away. There is no way, so the rumor mill would have you believe, to measure how effective a print ad has been for your company. There is no way to […]

How to start your corporate e-newsletter

Are you pondering starting an e-newsletter for your company? As we head towards the end of one year and the beginning of the other, it’s natural to think of new tactics to add to your marketing campaign, and since content is the huge buzz phrase of 2012, you may be thinking that 2013 will be […]

The Counter-Intuitive World of Marketing

As I was skimming along the Blogosphere the other day, I decided to check in and see what the Copyblogger folks were up to. Copyblogger, if you are not familiar with them, has their hands in a lot of things in the online world. They are behind a lot of the blogging software you see, […]