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Being First Or Being Best

June 28th, 2012 was a momentous day here in the United States. After initially promising that it would happen on Monday, the Supreme Court was finally going to weigh in officially on President Obama’s healthcare plan known as the Affordable Care Act. With just four months (give or take) until the fall elections, this was […]

Seven Ways To Drive Your Agency To Do More

In 2011, IBM published a white paper called The Social Business, Advent of a New Age (you can download the PDF here). In a nutshell, a social business is a fully integrated company. Despite the name, this doesn’t just mean that the company is integrating social media into its marketing tactics. A social business means […]

The Best Way to Advertise

A couple of weeks ago, Ad Age published a very interesting article about the effectiveness of television advertising versus digital advertising like banner ads or Facebook ads. At the same time, as we mentioned here on this blog, there has been a lot of conversation about whether or not Facebook advertising works. If you are […]

7 Ways To Get Your Customers To Talk To Each Other

Whether or not you believe in the social media hype, one thing is certainly true – the way people deal with companies from whom they purchase products and services has changed. No longer do customers rely simply on your ads, your website, or their in-person meeting with you at a trade show. Instead, your customers […]

Can Microsoft's New Surface Really Take on the iPad?

On Monday, June 18th, Microsoft announced that it was launching two new Surface tablets. Long expected to present an answer to Apple’s iPad, the time leading up the announcement was full of the usual excitement and speculation. However, in the aftermath of the actual announcement, is it possible that the Surface is a disappointment? After […]

Five Important Questions to Ask About Your Landing Pages

What is a landing page? As you may know, a landing page is a custom web page designed to “land” people into a specific environment, usually one that will entice them to buy. Using these special landing pages can also enhance your ability to track and measure your marketing tactics because you can count how […]

The Pros and Cons of Loyalty Programs

Every time I go into my Panera to buy my favorite treat – a pecan braid twist – I’m offered a Panera card. Whenever I go to Kohls, I’m asked if I want a special Kohl’s credit/discount card. A trip to Subway is hard to get through without being asked if you want a Subway […]