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How To Avoid Death By Meeting

Oh no. Not another meeting! You know that cry, most likely, as do so many people across the country and around the globe. “The Meeting” has become one of the most dreaded parts of a person’s workday, and often with good reason. People feel like meetings take forever, nothing really gets accomplished, there’s no clear […]

What's Missing From Your Hiring Process

Imagine this scenario: A short while ago, let’s say, two months ago, you hired someone to hold an important position in your company. Their résumé was flawless, they seemed to have the exact skill set you had been dreaming of, and they seemed kind and well-spoken in their interview. But two months down the line, […]

Sharing – The Silo Killer

One of the most powerful parts of John Jantsch’s new book, The Commitment Engine, is the section where he talks about shared commitment. In the book, this section is about how a leader can infuse a company (from employees to customers) with commitment to the overall purpose of that company. However, I think that sharing […]

You Are Only As Strong As Your Least Happy Employee

In his new book The Commitment Engine, author John Jantsch makes a notable point. He writes, “Generating commitment is the new currency of American business. The most important task of a leader is to guide passion and purpose in a way that encourages staff and customers alike to find, nurture, and grow commitment around the […]

Writing Your Story As You Go

A long time ago, I heard a story about a baseball player who, upon reflecting on his career, realized the power of his thinking had on his performance. He recollected a few examples. One game, he came up with a chance to win it all if he got a hit. He went up to the […]

Turning Hatred Into Self-Improvement

Note: This is our second post in our series inspired by The Commitment Engine. You can read the first post here. John Jantsch tells a very interesting story early on in The Commitment Engine. He was at a dinner with some other people on the social media speaking circuit, and his fellow diners were bashing […]

Passion, Purpose, Proposition, Personality

Why do you do what you do? In these trying times, it’s easy enough to say that you go to work to get your paycheck. Maybe you work where you do because you know you’re guaranteed benefits like health insurance. Perhaps you work where you do because you simply haven’t spent the time to try […]