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#FiveTipsFriday Corporate Branding Video

5933249421_0efcae2ecf_mLast week we offered some tips on developing product demo videos. This week we thought we’d stay in the same ballpark and talk about the development of corporate branding videos. In many ways, the process for actually developing the video will be the same as it is for developing a product video. What differs, however, is the amount of thought and preparation that is required when presenting your entire brand in a short message. What do we mean? Well, let us share our five tips and show you!

1. Decide what you want this video to accomplish

Setting the objective for your product demo video is fairly simple. The objective, one would assume, would be to help people better understand your product, including how best to use it and what it can accomplish. A branding video is different. It can show that your company has grown or expanded its capabilities. It can trace the story of your company’s history or it can strive to put a face with the name. Knowing what you want your video to accomplish is an important first step before any work is begun on a script.

2. Make sure everyone in the company is on board with and is aware of the video project

Because this video will be representing your company as a whole, it is essential that everyone understand how your company and your brand is going to be presented and that everyone is comfortable with that message. If your company does not already have a clear top-to-bottom understanding of what/who your brand is, this could be a tricky step.

3. Pick your on-screen talent with care

This can be a delicate issue, but let’s face the facts. Sometimes the people you would most like to have represent your company get a little bit nervous when they have to speak on camera. Make sure you strike a good balance between getting some of the key people from your company on video while also making sure that the video does not present people who seem very uncomfortable on camera.

4. Keep it short

We know you love your brand and that you could talk about it for hours…and hours…and hours. We know it’s tempting to flash company photos in epic style with triumphant music playing in the background. Sadly, most people outside your company walls are not going to find this interesting. While a longer version of a video could be used for an in-house holiday party, the best plan is to keep your video short and to the point. Remember your audience. They most likely want to learn more about you so they can see if they want to do business with you. Make that question easy to answer.

5. Know how you are going to use the video

Finally, before you pick up that video camera (as opposed to a smart phone…ehem), know how you want to use this branding video. How will people access it? How will you promote it? Much of this will be covered when you determine what your objective is. However, deciding how you want to share and promote the video may influence your approach and how you develop the project.

Have you worked on a branding video lately? What would you add to this list?

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/soelin/5933249421/ via Creative Commons

One comment on “#FiveTipsFriday Corporate Branding Video

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    post is very informative and easy to understand.
    Thanks for sharing such nice information of corporate branding .

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