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Losing Control Of Your Marketing In a Bad Way

In 2009, noted author David Meerman Scott, who wrote the insightful book The New Rules of Marketing & PR in 2007, wrote a book titled Lose Control of Your Marketing. Although we don’t agree with the primary premise of Scott’s book (Why marketing ROI measures lead to failure) the title reflected the popular idea that […]

#FiveTipsFriday Choosing Your Blogging Platform

Last week we offered five tips on how to get a company blog started. Today, we’re going to offer five tips on how to choose what blogging platform you’re going to use. There are a lot of considerations as you make this decision, so this will just be enough to get you started. 1. Decide […]

A world without Google Alerts?

About a month ago, Google shocked the blogging world by announcing it was going to be killing its popular Google Reader in July. Google Reader was like  a web-based RSS feed. In the “old days” (about 7 years ago) you could use Reader not only to keep up with your favorite sites but also to […]

Manage Your Marketing: Reading Your Industry

Often on this blog we have talked about how difficult it can be for marketers to keep up with just the business of marketing. There are always new platforms, new techniques, new theories to test, and new ways to approach the business of promoting products to increase sales. However, this is only a part of […]

#FiveTipsFriday Starting Your Business Blog

When talking to companies about starting a blog, we usually are greeted with two questions. The first is, “How are we going to come up with enough content for a blog?” and the second is, “How can we make sure our blog doesn’t end up as yet another abandoned company blog where everyone can see […]

Kamikaze Marketing 101

This post is by Robert Spore, photographer and creative services We are not “businessmen,” per se. We are in the creative department, which means that we’re a little mad, perhaps, and that our thought process is…maybe a bit skewed. What I’m trying to say is that maybe we have the complete wrong spin on this. […]

Manage Your Marketing: RFQs and RFPs in the Online World

If you are a marketer who does not work within a marketing department in a company, you know that receiving an RFQ (Request for Quote) or RFP (Request for proposal) is exciting. It’s also perhaps the most romanticized part of the marketing world. On AMC’s Mad Men, the really juicy scenes are when the various […]