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#FiveTipsFriday Building Online Credibility

The word “relationship” is used a lot when describing how companies should approach social media marketing. You need to build relationships with your audience, relationships with your customers, and relationships with key players in your industry who might help promote your message. Relationship can be a tricky word to understand in a business sense, however, […]

Manage Your Marketing: Social Media and the Intern Issue

Quite often, when we talk to companies about beginning to use social media marketing, we are told that they would really love to, but they just don’t see how they can incorporate that much extra time into what they are already doing. From there, regularly, we hear, “Maybe at some point we could hire an […]

Manage Your Marketing: The Influence Game

When you first sign up for Twitter, you are given some ideas regarding who you can start to follow. I still remember some of the suggestions I got when I signed up three years ago. I could follow Michael Ian Black, a comedian whom I adored on the show The State. I could follow Yoko […]

#FivetipsFriday More Memorable Company Literature

Your company’s literature – sell sheets, brochures, corporate overviews, and more – can on some occasions serve as your handshake with existing or potential customers. If you cannot be there in person as someone is learning about your company or your products, your company literature should do an adequate job of getting all of your […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Time is NOT Free

It is easy to rationalize social media marketing as a tactic that is more cost-effective than ┬átraditional marketing. This post by Erik Deckers suggests that traditional marketing is barely worth your time and money while social media marketing is a cost-effective alternative. Just a year ago, MediaBistro.com suggested that with social media marketing, you can […]

Manage Your Marketing: RFQs and RFPs in the Online World

If you are a marketer who does not work within a marketing department in a company, you know that receiving an RFQ (Request for Quote) or RFP (Request for proposal) is exciting. It’s also perhaps the most romanticized part of the marketing world. On AMC’s Mad Men, the really juicy scenes are when the various […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

As a business, if you are using social media, you are assuming that you will have the opportunity to grow your online community, promote your brand, and ultimately, of course, you are hoping you will be able to grow your business and increase sales. For several years now, social media has been described as a […]

The end of the (social media) world as we know it

As we mentioned last week, we recently read a post by Frank Eliason on Social Media Today that resonated with us. In case you don’t know, Frank Eliason gained a lot of respect in the business, marketing, and social media worlds for his Comcast Cares online effort. If you heard the stories about the Comcast […]

Social Media is so noisy it’s quiet

Not long ago, we wrote a post about a meeting we had with a client of ours. Our client wanted to know if they should start jumping into social media marketing. They fully expected us to say yes – they knew that we had been active in the online world for awhile and thought we, […]

#FiveTipsFriday Your Twitter Bio

It seems like such a simple thing. Talk about yourself in 160 characters or less. That’s what Twitter requires of you when you fill out your Twitter bio. If you’re using Twitter for personal purposes, it doesn’t really matter how you present yourself (unless your boss or your grandmother sees something inappropriate). What if you’re […]