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Manage Your Marketing: Keep the Passion

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a carpenter (unless you really are a carpenter, in which case just think about this scenario). For a long time, you really loved your work. You loved seeing new items take shape under the careful guidance of ¬†your hands. You enjoyed the feel of the materials you […]

Dear Marketers: We’re Forgetting the Young

It was like a punch in the gut, that moment when I was faced with just how much the marketing world has changed just over the short time (about a decade) since I’ve been in the business. You see, back when I first started, we used to receive tons and tons of postcard packs from […]

Manage Your Marketing: Organization is Key

If there is one common thread that ties together our “Manage Your Marketing” series of posts, it has to be organization. We have mentioned the importance of organization in passing on numerous occasions, but today we thought we would hit the topic head on. Why is organization important for marketers to embrace? Let us count […]

Manage Your Marketing: RFQs and RFPs in the Online World

If you are a marketer who does not work within a marketing department in a company, you know that receiving an RFQ (Request for Quote) or RFP (Request for proposal) is exciting. It’s also perhaps the most romanticized part of the marketing world. On AMC’s Mad Men, the really juicy scenes are when the various […]

Manage Your Marketing: Three Tips For Leading Your Marketing Team

Whether you work for a large company or a small company, whether you work for an agency or an internal marketing department, you likely interact with others as you develop your marketing campaigns (unless you are self-employed). Working with others on marketing strategy and tactics can be tough, in part because so much in marketing […]

Manage Your Marketing: Don’t Worry About Owning Social Media. Worry About Sales!

When Social Media became an increasingly powerful force in the business world, there arose in parallel an echoing question that moved from city to city, from industry to industry. That question was, and is, “Who owns Social Media?” Some say that social media is really a marketing tool. Others say that it’s a PR tool. […]

Manage Your Marketing: Trying New Platforms

Ever since social media became a significant part of the marketing picture, there is one thing that we have seen repeatedly – a sense that companies and are feeling overwhelmed at how quickly platforms change, launch, evolve, and die. Since I started blogging and tweeting, I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook change significantly. I’ve seen the […]