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Manage Your Marketing: Social Media and the Intern Issue

Quite often, when we talk to companies about beginning to use social media marketing, we are told that they would really love to, but they just don’t see how they can incorporate that much extra time into what they are already doing. From there, regularly, we hear, “Maybe at some point we could hire an […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Brand Versus Your Brand

A few years ago, a client approached us and said, “We want to put together an ad that is pretty aggressive. We have been making these really reliable products out of very durable materials for years and years, and the products our competitors are making just simply are not of the same caliber. We want […]

Manage Your Marketing: Organization is Key

If there is one common thread that ties together our “Manage Your Marketing” series of posts, it has to be organization. We have mentioned the importance of organization in passing on numerous occasions, but today we thought we would hit the topic head on. Why is organization important for marketers to embrace? Let us count […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Time is NOT Free

It is easy to rationalize social media marketing as a tactic that is more cost-effective than ┬átraditional marketing. This post by Erik Deckers suggests that traditional marketing is barely worth your time and money while social media marketing is a cost-effective alternative. Just a year ago, MediaBistro.com suggested that with social media marketing, you can […]

Manage Your Marketing: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Last Wednesday, we talked about how losing control of your marketing can create problems for your brand in addition to possible benefits. The fear of negative reactions to marketing messages is nothing new. Brands have always been protective of how they are presented, whether it’s via a social media message or a radio advertisement. What […]

Manage Your Marketing: Pulling Your Print Ads

When thinking about a print advertising campaign, the most important thing we want to consider is due diligence before any ads are placed. We believe strongly that the circulation of a publication should be closely analyzed and compared to competitive publications. We usually monitor new print publications for a year or so to make sure […]