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Manage Your Marketing: Organization is Key

If there is one common thread that ties together our “Manage Your Marketing” series of posts, it has to be organization. We have mentioned the importance of organization in passing on numerous occasions, but today we thought we would hit the topic head on. Why is organization important for marketers to embrace? Let us count […]

Manage Your Marketing: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Last Wednesday, we talked about how losing control of your marketing can create problems for your brand in addition to possible benefits. The fear of negative reactions to marketing messages is nothing new. Brands have always been protective of how they are presented, whether it’s via a social media message or a radio advertisement. What […]

Manage Your Marketing: Three Tips For Leading Your Marketing Team

Whether you work for a large company or a small company, whether you work for an agency or an internal marketing department, you likely interact with others as you develop your marketing campaigns (unless you are self-employed). Working with others on marketing strategy and tactics can be tough, in part because so much in marketing […]

Manage Your Marketing: Why You Need To Communicate With Sales

We talk a lot about concepts like “integrated marketing” and “silo busting” here, but we thought that we would make those concepts a little more real today by talking about how marketing can – and should – communicate effectively with the sales team. Why is this an important topic? Consider this infographic which shows that […]