#FiveTipsFriday Corporate Branding Video

Last week we offered some tips on developing product demo videos. This week we thought we’d stay in the same ballpark and talk about the development of corporate branding videos. In many ways, the process for actually developing the video will be the same as it is for developing a product video. What differs, however, […]

#FiveTipsFriday Product Demo Videos

It’s no secret that video is becoming increasingly important as a marketing tool. Ever since Google bought YouTube, video has become a powerful way to drive traffic to websites, add personality to a corporate brand, and of course, demonstrate how products can be used. That being said, there are still right ways and wrong ways […]

Our Advice: Hold the Phone on Vine

Last week, the first REALLY big news of the social media world hit. Rather than a brand new platform or a catchy new phrase like content marketing, this big news is something different – an app. Released by Twitter, the app is called Vine, and it is attracting a lot of interest from the marketing […]

Five Fundamentals for Video

While some of the marketing tools we’ve discussed in this series may, according to some, not be as useful in the 21st century marketing environment, there seems to be almost universal agreement that the age of the video is here. With the massive power of YouTube, anyone can produce a video and make it accessible […]