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What Advertisers Are Saying About Facebook

In June of 2012, we wrote a post about how Facebook advertisers were not seeing a great return on their investment. In August of this year, AdAge surveyed 1,200 people about their thinking regarding Facebook as a marketing channel. The AdAge article summarizing the study seems to put a more positive spin on the results […]

#FiveTipsFriday Building Online Credibility

The word “relationship” is used a lot when describing how companies should approach social media marketing. You need to build relationships with your audience, relationships with your customers, and relationships with key players in your industry who might help promote your message. Relationship can be a tricky word to understand in a business sense, however, […]

The Social Media Boom and Bust

Normally, “boom and bust” or “bubble” is used to describe an economic phenomenon. Think of the dot-com boom and bust or the more recent housing bubble. As a review, a boom and bust or a bubble happens because people appraise companies or houses or other things at a higher value than what those companies or […]

Manage Your Marketing: Don’t Paint Yourself Into A Corner

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has been in the news quite regularly over the last year or so. Already a high-profile woman as one of the few high-powered female CEOs in Silicon Valley, Sandberg’s personal profile began to dominate the spotlight in March 2013 when she published her book, Lean In. As you […]

Manage Your Marketing: Social Media and the Intern Issue

Quite often, when we talk to companies about beginning to use social media marketing, we are told that they would really love to, but they just don’t see how they can incorporate that much extra time into what they are already doing. From there, regularly, we hear, “Maybe at some point we could hire an […]

#FiveTipsFriday Promoting Your Company Online

There is a lot of cautionary advice in the online world for companies looking to increase sales via social media marketing. Companies are advised that social media and content marketing are “non-transactional” means of marketing. In other words, your tweets, your Facebook updates, and your blog posts should not directly attempt to sell your products […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Time is NOT Free

It is easy to rationalize social media marketing as a tactic that is more cost-effective than ┬átraditional marketing. This post by Erik Deckers suggests that traditional marketing is barely worth your time and money while social media marketing is a cost-effective alternative. Just a year ago, suggested that with social media marketing, you can […]