Public Relations

Manage Your Marketing: Handling a Crisis

For companies, bad press has always been a known enemy. In the past, there were angry customer letters, stories on the nightly news, or critical articles in magazines or newspapers. The one advantage that companies have enjoyed until recently in these scenarios was the luxury of time. There was time to see the problem, time […]

#FiveTipsFriday Press Releases

Last Friday, our Five Tips focused on company literature, a marketing tactic that some marketing experts may categorize as “traditional, static” marketing. We made the point that company literature can now be more effective than ever because of the capability to make the pieces more interactive via Social Media channels, QR codes, and more. The […]

Five Fundamentals for Press Releases

Like print, press releases are sometimes laughed off these days as a marketing tactic whose time has come and gone. The problem with this perspective is that factually, press releases are, in many ways, more valuable than they ever have been before. The most important new benefit of the press release is that as they […]