Manage Your Marketing: The Role of Research

Full disclosure: I am a research geek. Back when I was in college and grad school, few things would give me a greater thrill than finding one resource and then looking in the bibliography to find even *more* resources. So, when I say that for marketers, research is an essential activity, I suppose you could […]

Updating your RFQ or RFP form

If your website has an RFQ or an RFP form, you can think of it as a special front door entrance for people who may soon become valued customers. If you think about the entrance to your office, you want it to look nice, you want it to feel welcoming, and you don’t want people […]

Manage Your Marketing: The Influence Game

When you first sign up for Twitter, you are given some ideas regarding who you can start to follow. I still remember some of the suggestions I got when I signed up three years ago. I could follow Michael Ian Black, a comedian whom I adored on the show The State. I could follow Yoko […]

Manage Your Marketing: Planning for the Future

In April 2012 I had the opportunity to attend a social media conference called Social Slam, which was held in Knoxville, Tennessee. One advantage of attending this conference is that I was able to attend a talk by Mitch Joel, a well-known agency man hailing from Montreal who has authored two critically acclaimed books, Six […]

Marketing Measurement and the Culture of Finger-Pointing

Recently we came upon an article in BtoBOnline. It was the title that caught our eye. “Study: 78% of CEOs say ad agencies not performance-driven enough.” We take performance seriously here at Clayman Marketing because, after all, if you can’t prove to clients that what you are doing is working, what incentive do they have […]

Marketing and Customer Service: Enemies or Allies?

BtoBOnline recently published a summation of a Korn/Ferry Marketing Pulse Survey. The survey asked 124 senior marketing executives what was top of mind in terms of concerns. You might be surprised to learn that the most cited concern among these marketing executives was customer engagement at 52%. Taking advantage of digital was second (29%), acquiring […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Brand Versus Your Brand

A few years ago, a client approached us and said, “We want to put together an ad that is pretty aggressive. We have been making these really reliable products out of very durable materials for years and years, and the products our competitors are making just simply are not of the same caliber. We want […]