Fifty Fundamentals

Five Fundamentals for Social Media

Believe it or not, this is our last post of the Fifty Fundamentals of Marketing series. If you missed a post you can check out the whole series! To finish things up, we’re going to talk about five fundamentals for social media – specifically, five fundamentals for social media if you are using social media […]

Five Fundamentals for Business Blogging

It can be argued that there are three types of blogs in the online world. The first kind is that in which the blogger is using the blog itself to generate income. This can be done in several ways. Links that lead to purchasable items (affiliate links) and site advertisements are two ways that a […]

Five Fundamentals for Sales Collateral

Sales collateral can incorporate brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, and more. While other facets of  business communication have changed over the years, collateral still remains one of the best methods to present important information, especially technical information, about a product or service. The important thing to remember about sales pieces today is that the audience is […]

Five Fundamentals for Websites

There’s no question that websites play a key role in today’s business world. Your website is home base for many if not most of your marketing communications. Much like grand central station, almost all communications travel through your website. Assuming you keep your site updated, it offers, at a quick glance, insight into how active […]

Five Fundamentals for Video

While some of the marketing tools we’ve discussed in this series may, according to some, not be as useful in the 21st century marketing environment, there seems to be almost universal agreement that the age of the video is here. With the massive power of YouTube, anyone can produce a video and make it accessible […]

Five Fundamentals for Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is becoming increasingly tricky because of post office woes and the amount of “junk mail” (perception is everything) that people are already receiving. Like those random e-newsletters people receive, many direct mail pieces are simply glanced at and then thrown away. Because of that, many marketers now shy away from direct mail, […]

Five Fundamentals for Trade Shows

Although social media is now viewed as the best way to talk to customers one-on-one, the fact is that NOTHING, especially in the business-to-business world, beats a trade show. You get to actually meet and shake hands with people, answer questions in real time, present your products and your message exactly how you want to […]