Content Marketing

Manage Your Marketing: What’s Your Story

The word “story” gets used a lot in the business world today, and it can mean many different things. In almost all scenarios, though, your company’s story can be used as a selling tool if you do things correctly. Today we’re going to talk about different ways you can approach your story and how you […]

Don’t look now, but your content marketing omission is showing

The Content Marketing Institute, established in 2011 as the center of the content marketing focus that began in earnest a couple of years ago, defines content marketing thusly: “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – […]

#FiveTipsFriday Webinar Development

Recently, we talked about how daunting the development of a white paper can be. Undoubtedly, the prospect of developing a webinar can seem even more intimidating. A white paper can make its case without interruption, does not depend on live streaming, and questions can be pondered without the pressure of needing to reply on the […]

#FiveTipsFriday Getting Ideas for Content

You don’t have to search for very long on Google to find plenty of news articles, blog posts, and videos about the importance of content in today’s business and marketing world. Whether you use phrases like “content marketing” or stick with old stand-bys like “written content” or “storytelling,” the fact is that the written word […]

#FiveTipsFriday White Paper Development

There is a lot of talk these days about “content marketing.” If content isn’t king, it certainly is somewhere in the royal court of marketing. While a lot of content marketing evangelists focus on blogging, white papers are becoming an increasingly popular tool for offering valuable information to your customer base while also presenting your […]

Twenty Great Muses for a Marketing Blog

As we talk to our clients about blogging, one of the points we try to drive home is that your blog content does not always have to be newly minted content you came up with internally. Often times, there are other stories relevant to your industry that can inspire you to write on timely subjects. […]

Weighing the Benefits: Sponsored Content Versus Advertising

We saw an interesting article in Advertising Age last week regarding the news reading app called Pulse. Like so many other platforms catching fire today, Pulse organizes content into a more visual system that makes finding and reading content easier. It is a competitor of the more commonly known Flipboard. Both companies, Flipboard and Pulse, […]