Manage Your Marketing: The Face Of Your Company

Whether you are a business-to-consumer company or a business-to-business company, it can be advantageous to have a person who to others represents the actual face of your company. There are many reasons for this. The ability to relate your company to a person can make the business seem more human and more accessible. People feel […]

Always Remember, Your Audience Comes First

Recently, I came upon an article all about how BPA has created a new brand comparison tool. BPA Worldwide verifies audience and media knowledge. Founded in 1931 today the not-for-profit organization audits business and consumer publications throughout the world as well as websites and events. Their new brand report provides media buyers with a report […]

Marketing Measurement and the Culture of Finger-Pointing

Recently we came upon an article in BtoBOnline. It was the title that caught our eye. “Study: 78% of CEOs say ad agencies not performance-driven enough.” We take performance seriously here at Clayman Marketing because, after all, if you can’t prove to clients that what you are doing is working, what incentive do they have […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Brand Versus Your Brand

A few years ago, a client approached us and said, “We want to put together an ad that is pretty aggressive. We have been making these really reliable products out of very durable materials for years and years, and the products our competitors are making just simply are not of the same caliber. We want […]

#FiveTipsFriday White Paper Development

There is a lot of talk these days about “content marketing.” If content isn’t king, it certainly is somewhere in the royal court of marketing. While a lot of content marketing evangelists focus on blogging, white papers are becoming an increasingly popular tool for offering valuable information to your customer base while also presenting your […]

Manage Your Marketing: Your Employees Now Represent You Online

What do you care about this “social media stuff” anyway? Your company isn’t involved in it. You checked to see if there was any “buzz” about you and your products. Nothing. So who cares about tweeting and Facebooking and whatever that Pin thing is? It’s not impacting you. You’re not using it for marketing. You’re […]

Manage Your Marketing: Consistent Messaging Across Platforms

The other day, we were doing some research of potential competitors for a client, and we came across something pretty interesting. On Twitter, the company did a fantastic job of networking with other accounts, offering a personable tonality to all of their content, sharing content from other users, and more. We were impressed because the […]