New Content ROI Center is Great News for Companies Creating Content

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 11.20.51 AMThe CMO Council, as announced in B2BOnline.com recently, has launched a new website called the Content ROI Center. If you are a company that has been investing a lot of time and effort into your white papers, blog posts, and emails but have not experienced a lift in sales or positive relationship building, you will want to spend a LOT of time at this website.

The problem that the new website strives to answer was brought to our attention in part by a blog post we read. A few weeks ago we encountered a post by Tony Zambito, an authority in buyer personas, called Why B2B Content Marketing is Failing B2B Buyers. Zambito cites a study by the CMO Council (the group behind the new website) and notes that content marketing “has been a dismal failure for for B2B Marketing thus far.” What is the problem? Well, there are a few. The study, and the new website, note the following common problems:

Buyers in the B2B market are turned off by self-serving content

A lot of B2B websites are hard to navigate

B2B buyers are looking for content that will help them. If your content is fluffy or not really related to what your customers do (note, that’s what your *customers* do, not what interests you) you and your content will be swiftly abandoned.

The goal of the new Content ROI Center is to help combat these problems one-by-one. As Dave Murray, director of the new website, notes in the B2BOnline article, “Increasing the return on this investment should be a mandate for every marketing team.” This makes a lot of sense if you consider how much time needs to be invested (and hence how much in salary) for the development of a strong, content-oriented campaign. A weekly e-newsletter, a consistent blog program, a white paper – all of these things are time consuming if you are doing them correctly. Research is necessary, writing needs to be finished, proofed, revised, and polished, and that does not even cover the delivery and measurement systems that will be used. If there is not a positive return on all of that effort and time, companies are quickly going to find themselves in worse shape than they were in before they started generating their content.

We’ll be exploring this new website in detail for quite awhile and will keep you posted on new information and resources we find there. In the meantime, take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!


2 comments on “New Content ROI Center is Great News for Companies Creating Content

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