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Updating your RFQ or RFP form

6482546221_1cfac8dded_mIf your website has an RFQ or an RFP form, you can think of it as a special front door entrance for people who may soon become valued customers. If you think about the entrance to your office, you want it to look nice, you want it to feel welcoming, and you don’t want people to have to trip over things to get around. Your RFQ/RFP form is much the same. You want to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to navigate what they need to do in order to send you the relevant information. Likewise, you want to be able to get the exact information you need so that you can send the respondent a quote or a proposal as soon as possible.

All of that being said, have you looked at your forms lately? A lot has changed, perhaps, since you first loaded the form live. Here are some things to check on.

No Flash

If any part of your form is built in Flash, it will not show up on iPhones or iPads. That means if you have a fantastic introductory video that pops up, but it’s in Flash, no one will see it. If you aren’t sure how your form was built, load it on to an Apple device and see if it works.

Speaking of iPhones, make sure your form is mobile friendly

Of course this goes for all smart phones. Typing information into a form, especially a really long form, can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. If you don’t want to abandon your long form entirely, offer a mobile-friendly alternative in case someone is trying to access your website from a smart phone (likely an increasingly common occurrence).

Ask how the respondent wants to receive information

Perhaps social media had not become mainstream at the time you put up your forms, or maybe at that point most people in your industry still relied on email or faxes. Times and people change. Offer a wide variety of ways you can get in touch with people after they have submitted their forms and allow them to choose what works best for their own particular situation.

Update all of the information for which you are asking

In addition to making sure the potential customer can be reached the way they want, try to make sure you are getting all of the information you want. If social media is taking off in your corner of the world, it would not hurt to ask the person to fill out a Twitter handle or a LinkedIn account. We would not recommend making these necessary to fill out because some people may not be comfortable giving a company their Twitter contact directly, but it does not hurt to ask.

Have you evaluated your RFQ/RFP forms lately? Now might be a great time to do it!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71744937@N07/6482546221/ via Creative Commons

One comment on “Updating your RFQ or RFP form

  1. This is a perfect reminder. I need to update our website form (we were using a software for it and that’s about to change).

    I’m going to be looking a Forms plugins and see what works best, I need to keep an eye on making sure it is mobile friendly and that it is not a long form. We were asking only for email and phone number, but now that you mentioned it I’ll add a Twitter space for them to fill out optional and see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing this Margie 🙂

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