#FiveTipsFriday Your Twitter Bio

2387915131_def4355468_mIt seems like such a simple thing. Talk about yourself in 160 characters or less. That’s what Twitter requires of you when you fill out your Twitter bio. If you’re using Twitter for personal purposes, it doesn’t really matter how you present yourself (unless your boss or your grandmother sees something inappropriate). What if you’re using Twitter to promote or grow your business, however? We’re so glad you asked. That’s our topic for today’s #FiveTipsFriday.

1. Hashtags are not a necessity

A lot of people use hashtags in their Twitter bios. This is because people can easily search hashtags and see everyone who is conversing about that topic. You will see a lot of Twitter bios that are nothing but hashtags. For example, you might see someone’s bio look like this: “#Wine #Marketing #Sandwiches #Social Media. This approach has always struck us as being impersonal. Besides, you’re not really talking like a “humanized brand” with this kind of Twitter bio. Words with hashtags is not linguistically pleasing! Use sentences, even if they’re short ones.

2. Differentiate yourself

Take a little time to look at some Twitter bios belonging to people in your area of focus. If you look at marketing bios on Twitter, you’re likely to see things like, “I am passionate about results!” That’s a great statement to make and hopefully you can live up to it. However, if just about everyone makes the same statement, practically verbatim, you’re no longer really helping yourself stand out.

3. No pets allowed

OK, maybe if you have a few characters left you can mention that you have 17 kitties and 19 parrots. If you’re using your Twitter account for business, however, this information is not going to serve you well unless you own a pet shop. Talking about your pets within your tweets is great, but Bingo and Dolly are taking up real estate that is way too valuable when they appear in your Twitter bio.

4. Personal versus professional

A lot of people struggle with what to emphasize in their bios. Their religion may be extremely important to them. Maybe their family life is what really gets them through the day. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you are using your Twitter account to promote your business, you need to make sure you say something about that FIRST. Then see if you have some room for the personal information.

5. Where do you work again?

The most common mistake we see on Twitter is that people who are clearly trying to grow their businesses fail to mention their company name in their Twitter bios. Make sure you at least have your company name in there. Even better, the company and your title. Who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to do will become much more clear when you include this information.

Have you looked at your Twitter bio recently? Do you feel it’s a good match for what you’re trying to accomplish? Take a glance and let us know what you find out!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ww4f/2387915131/s via Creative Commons


3 comments on “#FiveTipsFriday Your Twitter Bio

  1. nice and great post. madam

  2. Margie,

    First, you need to decide who you are. Then you can decide how to appear to the world.


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