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Tweeting for Business: A New White Paper

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 2.29.47 PMWe soft launched this news on our own social media networks last week, but now it’s official. We are excited to announce that we have published a new white paper called Tweeting for Business: A Social Media Starter’s Kit.

We wrote this white paper primarily for those of you who are considering using Twitter to promote and/or grow your business in 2013. Twitter can be very intimidating as you begin the process. You are immediately faced with decisions as soon as you are asked to start your account. For example, should your profile picture be your face or your company logo? Should your account biography be about, your company, or both?

This white paper walks you through the basics of starting your account and starting to interact with other people on Twitter. We discuss our philosophy regarding the beginning of any new social media effort, and we also offer advice on certain pitfalls to avoid as you navigate the ever-changing Twitter streams.

The white paper is available free of charge. We hope you find it helpful. We’d appreciate any feedback you’d care to offer! To download the white paper, simply register here.


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