Twenty Great Muses for a Marketing Blog

556501_10151212223385470_775513607_nAs we talk to our clients about blogging, one of the points we try to drive home is that your blog content does not always have to be newly minted content you came up with internally. Often times, there are other stories relevant to your industry that can inspire you to write on timely subjects. As we have been working on this blog, we have come to identify several sources that we can turn to for content that get our writing engines going. Since it’s the holiday season, we thought we would share some of those sources here in case they might help you out with your blog or e-newsletter.

1. Fast Company: Fast Company tends to focus more on creative issues that we find interesting, but occasionally they will also publish content about marketing, social media, or the business world in general. We don’t always like their articles, but they almost always get us thinking.

2. Forbes: This is another big picture resource. They don’t always write about business or marketing, but they often touch on issues that relate to what we are doing here. Again, we don’t always like their content, but often we get ideas for blog posts by skimming their pages.

3. Harvard Business Review: HBR usually focuses on topics relating to leadership, creativity, and work/life balance. They often touch on issues that, while not having to do with marketing, would be of interest to our clients.

4. Salon: This publication is one of the more “out there” sources for inspiration. It is not really a business publication or a marketing publication, but it covers a lot of current events, including, occasionally, subjects like technology updates or what is happening in the marketing world. They offer a different tonality and different perspective from a lot of the other sources we turn to.

5. Business Week: This publication gives us the global perspective on business, especially economic news.

6. Slate: Similar to Salon, Slate offers perspectives on a lot of different topics, ranging from politics to entertainment to technology. They have a unique voice and the publication offers us different ways to look at a lot of mainstream stories.

7. AdAge: This one probably doesn’t come as much of a shock given that we’re a marketing firm!

8. AdWeek: And the same for this one.

9. Inc Magazine: Inc is really geared towards small business owners, which is in line with where a lot of our clients are. We get a good idea from this publication about what kinds of issues might be on the minds of our contacts (beyond marketing).

10. CNN: As a single source for news, business information, and more, this is a good place to start.

Our Blog Site Muses

We also wanted to share ten of our favorite blog sites. We are sometimes inspired to write based on what these bloggers write. Other times we learn something new, and still other times we look at an issue from a new perspective.

11. SpinSucks.com  – Although Gini Dietrich sometimes focuses on marketing in a more broad fashion, her main expertise is in the world of PR.

12. GeoffLivingston.com – As the name might suggest, this is the blog site of Geoff Livingston. He writes about a lot of topics ranging from marketing to social media to charitable causes. His advice is always solid and his perspective is always interesting.

13. BrianVickery.com – Brian works for a company called Pulse Analytics, a Social Media monitoring company. His true, love, however (well one of them) is sports. Brian writes pretty clever posts intertwining sports with social media and marketing lessons. Full disclosure – Margie also hosts a fun Google Plus “show” with Brian called Hecklers’ Hangout.

14. SenseiWisdom.com – When we want to read more about customer service, this is a blog we often turn to for perspective and ideas. The posts are always to the point and many times offer actionable ideas to improve your customer service.

15. Occom’s Razor – This is the blog site of Avinash Kaushik, an absolute wizard of analytics, especially Google Analytics. When we want to really dig deep into the world of measurement and monitoring, this is one of the places we go for inspiration.

16. TwistImage.com – The blog of former music industry man now marketing wiz Mitch Joel, head of a highly successful marketing firm in Canada and author of Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch’s posts often offer big picture views of the marketing world, though he tends to focus a lot more on the consumer world than we do.

17. DannyBrown.me – Danny Brown is the vice president at a company called Jugnoo, another social media monitoring company. Danny has been an influential blogger for quite awhile now and always offers excellent marketing, life, and social media advice on his site. His mixture of seriousness and humor also makes this one of our favorite places to look for ideas.

18. LisaPetrilli.com – Lisa Petrilli trains leaders to be great leaders. We like visiting her blog site while we ponder issues regarding leadership and/or the C-Suite. She offers real-life advice that are useful, truly, whether you are in the C-suite or not.

19. TheBrandBuilder Blog – Blog site of Olivier Blanchard, we go here for knowledge and ideas regarding branding in today’s crazy business world, social media measurement and monitoring, and other random thoughts Olivier sees fit to share. He’s another “calls it as he sees it” type so we no we won’t get any fluffy ideas when we head over there.

20. ConviceandConvert – Jay Baer actually gears a lot of content to folks like us in the agency world versus our readers, but we gain a lot of perspective from checking in with his site and his is one of the most highly respected blog sites on the web. We think it’s a good place to go!

We hope this gives you an idea of how you can look at other resources for ideas, even at times commenting on something someone else has written to create a blog post or an e-newsletter story.

If you’re already blogging or writing a regular e-newsletter, what are your favorite resources?


6 comments on “Twenty Great Muses for a Marketing Blog

  1. Thanks, Margie. I’ll slip you the $50 later 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing your secrets Margie. Guess I’ll have to bookmark yet ANOTHER one of your posts. 😀

  3. I’ve definitely enjoyed several of the blog muses, and I count on them for content and engagement every week. I read a few of the larger sites you’ve identified, but I probably need to be more deliberate getting out there and reading/sharing more of their content.

    Just not enough time in the week, right?

    Thanks for including my blog site on the list, Margie. And our Hecklers’ Hangouts have been hysterical, fun, avenues by which we’ve deepened relationships with some of the regular hecklers, and educational/entertaining/insightful with the guests we’ve had. I look forward to 2013 and co-hosting with you.

    One item: I work for Mantis Technology Group…a software solution provider which created Pulse Analytics.

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